About The Author

Dr W. Adriaan Liebenberg is a neurosurgeon in private practice at the Paarl Medi-Clinic, Paarl and Melomed Hospital in Bellville, Cape Town.

He trained at the University of Stellenbosch and at Hurstwood Park in Sussex, England. He qualified as a medical doctor in 1994 and as a neurosurgeon in 2005.

Returning from the United Kingdom in 2005, he settled in Paarl in the wine lands of the Boland.

He is currently living with his wife Jolandi and has two beautiful children, Niall and Minette.

Please join us in reading about Dr Liebenberg's revelation about weight loss and life style change.

This book is born out of a personal journey of weight loss that Dr Liebenberg embarked on after he one day found himself staring in the mirror in disgust and shock at how fat he had become.

This is the journey and the escape that he found out of morbid obesity. It is a lonely and difficult journey, but one that is within the power of everybody who so desperately wants to escape the unpleasant reality of being overweight.